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Does One Of These Describe YOU?

I am NEW TO GOOGLE ADS and need the training & skills to begin a new career working as a Google Advertising Professional


I manage Google Ads for an advertising agency (or other company) but I want more training to EXPAND MY CAREER


I want to learn how to get clients so I can build my FREELANCE BUSINESS working as a Google Advertising Professional


Fellow Google Advertisers:

"I wish I could tell you that to develop a high-income Google Advertising CAREER or FREELANCE BUSINESS you simply need to buy a course."


"You know, ...one of those that ends up being nothing more than a bunch of computer screen recordings."


"A course that does NOTHING to change your life."


"So now you have a problem."


"A standard course...

***will not help you create a new LIFE CHANGING CAREER.

***will not help you find your next high-paying GOOGLE ADS JOB.

***will not help you become a GOOGLE ADS FREELANCER working where & how you want."


"But AD SCHOOL Can - The Non-Course Alternative"


"It's your headquarters for Google Ads Training + Certifications + Jobs."


"Ready to try something DIFFERENT? ...Instead of buying another course that doesn't provide any hope for a better future."


"Then welcome to AD SCHOOL - "The Non-Course Alternative", and to the rewarding life of working as a Google Advertising Professional."


"The Non-Course Alternative"

FINALLY, a real (...and permanent) professional school that gives you the ONGOING Training & Resources to master "all things Google Ads" so you can build a high-income CAREER or FREELANCE BUSINESS working as a Google Advertising Professional 



Benefit 1

No experience required.

AD SCHOOL will turn you into a 'Google Advertising Professional' and help you develop a new career or become a Freelancer.

Benefit 2

I help you write an awesome bio, profile, and resume so you can always find your next high-paying Google Ads job or freelance client.

Benefit 3

AD SCHOOL Members always have work. How? With lifetime access to the planet's largest directory of Google Ads jobs and freelance work.

Benefit 4

Private Q&A Forum where you get to interact with other Google Advertising Professionals without the noise and distraction of the Internet.

Benefit 5

Unlimited support via email, text message, group chat Q&A, group phone call Q&A, online notifications, helpdesk, ...message in a bottle.

Benefit 6

Lifetime access to always up-to-date training to keep you ahead of the competition. Earn more while working where & how you want.

Benefit 7

Lifetime access to audio lessons, video training, certification tests, articles, guides, checklists, mindmaps, workshops, jobs directory.

Benefit 8

6 Google Ads Certifications. Unlimited access to all of the lessons and practice exams for every Google Ads Certification.

Benefit 9

Your tuition includes enrollment in the AD SCHOOL Job Referral Program. I receive more work requests than I need so I pass them to you.

About Your Instructor

Hi, Rushe Brady here.


Every morning I wake up and control my income by "tweaking" and "manipulating" my own Google Ads campaigns and those of my clients. And I do it working WHERE & HOW I want. Now that's freedom (...and you can do the same).


But how do I know - "you can do the same" - is a true statement? Because for years my face was slammed against the proverbial brick wall as I struggled to master the game of Google Advertising.


"Until I beat the game."


That's why I'm here -- to teach you everything I learned so you too can build a high-income Google Advertising CAREER or FREELANCE BUSINESS.


That's the short story behind why I created AD SCHOOL.


Allow me to be your Guide on this journey towards your LIFE-CHANGING WORK as a Google Advertising Professional.

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