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Get the Training &

Support to Build a

High-Income Google

Advertising CAREER or


Does One Of These Describe YOU?

I am NEW TO GOOGLE ADS and need the training & skills to begin  working as a Google Advertising Professional


I manage Google Ads for an advertising agency (or other company) but I want more education to EXPAND MY CAREER


I need the resources and training so I can pursue my own FREELANCE WORK as a Google Advertising Professional


Fellow Google Advertiser:

"I wish I could tell you that in order to build a successful Google Advertising CAREER or FREELANCE WORK you just need to watch a bunch of short videos."


"If that's what you want then YouTube is for you."


"But YouTube videos WILL NOT give you the freedom to work how and where you want or help you find that high-income Google Ads job or freelance work."




"Plus the training that goes before - during - and after."


"(...and a guarantee to back it all up)"


"Curious? Ready to start?"


"Then welcome to AD SCHOOL - "the non-course alternative", and to a rewarding life working as a Google Advertising Professional."


"The Non-Course Alternative"

FINALLY, a real (...and permanent) professional school that gives you the training - skills - resources to master "all things" Google Ads so you can have freedom and a high-income CAREER or FREELANCE WORK as a Google Advertising Professional 



Benefit 1

No experience required.

AD SCHOOL will turn you into a Google Advertising Pro & help you develop your CAREER or FREELANCE WORK.

Benefit 2

Help writing your bio, resume, and profile. But most important - unlimited access to the largest database of Google Ads jobs and freelance work.

Benefit 3

AD SCHOOL Members always have work because you get lifetime access to the planet's largest directory of Google Ads jobs and freelance work.

Benefit 4

School Forum where you get to interact with other Google Advertising Professionals but without the noise and distraction of the Internet.

Benefit 5

Direct support via email, text message, group chat Q&A, group phone call Q&A, online notifications, helpdesk, ...message in a bottle.

Benefit 6

Constantly updated resources and training and support to help you find a job or freelance work as a Google Advertising Professional.

Benefit 7

Lifetime support and unlimited access to audio lessons, video training, articles, guides, checklists, mindmaps, workshops, directory of Google Ads jobs.

Benefit 8

AD SCHOOL serves as a guide as you perform your daily job related work inside Google Ads. This is NOT a course that sits on the shelf. It's like having a personal business coach.

Benefit 9

Have you ever asked yourself... "Where can I find ongoing &  actionable Google Ads training that gets results?" Stop wondering it's inside AD SCHOOL

About Your Instructor

Hi, Rushe Brady here.


Every morning I wake up and control my income by "tweaking" and "manipulating" my own Google Ads campaigns and those of my clients. Now that's freedom... and you can do the same.


But how do I know - "you can do the same" - is a true statement? Because for years my face was slammed against that proverbial brick wall as I struggled to master the game of Google Advertising.


"Until I beat the game."


That's why I'm here -- to teach you everything I learned so you too can build a high-income Google Advertising CAREER or FREELANCE WORK.


That's the short story behind why I created AD SCHOOL.


Allow me to be your Guide on this journey towards a LIFE-CHANGING CAREER & INCOME for yourself and your family.

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